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Man Deliberately Kills Estranged Wife's Dog With His Car (Video)

A California man was arrested after police found a dead dog inside a plastic bag in an alley and soon discovered surveillance video of the man running over the dog, purposely, with his car.

Michael David Parker, 45, was arrested last week after authorities determined that he is the one in the video deliberately killing the pet. Reports claim that the dog belonged to Parker’s estranged wife Olga, and the video shows the man getting into his car, speeding towards the dog, and running right over it.

“It’s a little poor defenseless dog and the guy just runs right over it and leaves and doesn’t offer any help,” said Hawthorne police Lt. Scott Swain. “You can see him swerving toward the dog.”

Parker admits that he is the one in the video but claims that it was an accident. The video, however, shows pretty clearly that Parker intended on hitting the dog.

The dog, a Chihuahua known as “Cow Cow”, belonged to Parker’s estranged wife and children, and his wife says she can’t imagine what would motivate him to kill a dog.

“If someone would do that to a dog…what would he do to my kids?” asked Olga Parker.

Parker posted the $20,000 bail and is set to appear in court in March. Police say that there is no clear motive in this case.

Parker backs his vehicle up, and then appears to accelerate rapidly, steering directly toward the dog,” described Swain. “Cow Cow is run completely over. It’s gruesome. It starts bleeding, his little back leg twitching. There’s no indication that’s it, ‘I’m angry at you. That’s why I’m doing that.’ It is both of their dogs. So we don’t have a motive. He was arrested and he didn’t want to go into details. He didn’t indicate why he did it.”

Reports claim that the family’s second dog Lucky is missing, but it’s not yet clear if Parker had anything to do with that.




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