Man Leaves City Life, Becomes A Goat (Photos)


After growing tired of unemployed life in London, England, one man decided to move to Switzerland and become a goat.

"When I first had the idea a lot of people called me crazy, but I was fed up with my life anyway and I needed a break. I was jobless and I had a lot of personal problems, and I found everyday life so stressful," said 35-year-old Thomas Thwaites, the Daily Mail reports. "One day I was walking with the dog of a friend and I noticed that the dog just seemed really happy about life, without any worries, and I thought to myself it would be really great to be you for a day."

That’s when Thwaites decided to make his dream a reality.

At first he wanted to be like an elephant until he realized they “seem to have the same problems we do - they get sad, they get upset and they can even suffer from post-traumatic stress. That was exactly the sort of thing I was trying to get away from.”

So instead, he chose to become a goat, going so far as to apply for a degree in goat psychology.

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Thwaites then created prosthetic “goat legs” with the help of a clinic that specializes in amputations so he could wander around the Alps on all fours.

Experts at the University of Aberystwyth also created a fake goat stomach for the man and strapped it to his waist.

At first, his transition to life as a goat wasn’t as easy as he'd hoped it might be.

“I learned something important, and that is that even goats have a hard life and need to fight for their existence. Every day was tough, and that is something that just is part of being alive,” Thwaites said.

Eventually, Thwaites did find the happiness he sought as goat.

“The one other thing I reckon I found is that goats are better people. They live much more in the moment than we do, and show us that we really do need to learn to be a bit more relaxed about life,” he said.

Thwaites has now written a book about his experiences titled "GoatMan: How I Took a Holiday from Being Human.”

It’s already received positive reviews, Amazon reveals.

“[It’s] a laugh-out- loud-funny but thoughtful guide through his own adventures,” said NPR.

Sources: Daily MailAmazon / Photo credit: Tim Bowditch via Daily Mail

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