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Man Cut In Half After Brutal Accident, Leaves Behind One Final Message

An Indian man whose body was cut in half during a traffic accident remained conscious enough to tell paramedics in the ambulance that his organs should be donated.

Harish Nanjappa was returning to the town of Bengaluru from his mother’s home village by motorcycle when a truck struck him, media reports said.

The impact knocked him from his bike and dragged him under the wheels of the speeding vehicle.

Nanjappa remained fully conscious throughout. He was able to wave down traffic to provide assistance.

However, the Indian Express reported he lay on the road for more 15 minutes before an ambulance arrived.

“When we reached the hospital he was still conscious – even then he insisted that his organs be donated,” the ambulance driver told the Indian Express.

But Nanjappa died shortly after his arrival at the medical facility.

“We've collected Harish's eyes as he was keen on donating his organs. It's astounding how a man who was split into two and lying on the road was able to think with such clarity. It's unheard of. He did not suffer head injuries because he was wearing a helmet,” Dr. Bhujang Shetty told Times of India.

Dr Ajit Benedict Rayan, medical director at HOSMAT Hospital, explained the injury Nanjappa suffered.

“The injury he suffered is called a crush injury, in which a person's bones, muscles, blood vessels and skin are separated from the body,” he said. “It is inhuman that so many vehicles passed by. Despite a Supreme Court order, people still refuse to help accident victims. It was heroic of Harish to think of donating his organs to help others even as he lay in the middle of a road.”

Nanjappa recently moved to Bengaluru for work so he could earn more money to support his mother. Living in an agricultural village, she had struggled to bring up Harish and his brother with limited means.

We had all gone to Harish’s village on Saturday to vote in the local elections and were scheduled to return soon after casting our votes. But his mother requested Harish to stay back and help her complete harvesting ragi,” Chandrappa, Nanjappa’s uncle, told the Express.

The driver of the truck has been detained and charged with causing death by dangerous driving.


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