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Man Crossed Paths With Birth Family Without Knowing, Reunited After 40 Years

After 40 years of separation, an Ohio family was reunited with their long-lost brother.

Robert Allen Jr. has six siblings -- four boys and two girls -- and he is the youngest. His mother put him up for adoption in 1975, because she couldn’t afford to raise him.

He grew up always feeling that something was missing, so, on his fortieth birthday, he obtained his birth certificate. With a little help from social media, he was able to reunite with his family.

"I put it on Facebook that I was looking for my mother and father," Allen told My Fox Atlanta. "That was about 1:00 p.m. By 9:00 p.m. that night I was talking to my sister."

His sister Stacy is thrilled that they connected, but she said she was “very skeptical” at first.

She told Fox Atlanta that “a lot of people, you know, you know a lot of people play a lot of games and things so you're not sure if he was actually so once he answered a lot of different questions I knew at that point he was for sure.”

Once she realized that Allen was her brother, she welcomed him back into the family.

“As soon as we found out I was talking to my sister, I just broke down in tears,” Allen told WCPO. “It was the best feeling I ever had in my life… and I had a lot of ups, high points in my life, but this was absolutely the best feeling I ever had in my life – to finally meet my siblings.”

This was every bit as special for the rest of the family.

"My mother she's going to be passed away almost eight years and it was like we were getting another part of her back again," Stacy said.

After his adopted father died, Allen opened a store not far from where his birth family lived in Cincinnati. One of his sisters used to shop there with Allen’s mother. They had no idea.

“I was just amazed to know that he was that close and we didn’t even know,” Allen’s other sister, Sonya Jordan, told WCPO.

"I grew up with a good family and they took care of me and I grew up to be a good person, but still there was always a void and now that void has been filled," Allen said.

Sources: WCPO, My Fox Atlanta
Photo Credit: Screenshot from WCPO


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