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Man Crawls Through Cornfield For Help After Accident

A man crashed his Chevrolet Tracker into a cornfield in Godfrey, Illinois, and managed to crawl through the field for several hours before collapsing in the driveway of James Leady. 

“All he said was he had been out there all night and that he couldn’t stand and that he had crawled through the cornfield up into our driveway,” Leady told KTVI. 

The unnamed driver drove past a dead end, sending his car airborne. The vehicle then clipped a tree and flew another 200 feet before landing in the cornfield. It was Leady’s neighbor who found the bloodied victim and alerted Leady and his wife to the his presence, The Telegraph reported.

The victim was hospitalized with serious injuries, but a spokesperson for the Madison County Sheriff’s Department said his injuries were not life-threatening. The victim initially told first responders that there was a passenger was in his vehicle, but a thorough search of the crash site and the neighboring woods and cornfields revealed that no one was there.

Leady said accidents in the area are not uncommon - the street the crash occurred on is often mistaken for a through road, although there are signs warning that it’s a dead end. “By the time they get down here doing 55 miles an hour and they see these signs it is too late for them to stop before they run out of road,” Leady said.

Sources: The Telegraph, KTVI Image via The Telegraph


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