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Man Crashes Into Three Cars, Carjacks Vehicle In Wild Police Chase (Video)

Televised police chases are a common occurrence in Los Angeles; however, a chase on Monday was unusual even by Southern California's standards.

An unidentified suspect drove a car into three cars while being chased by the LAPD.

When the vehicle he was driving was disabled after the third crash, the armed suspect ran down the street and carjacked a young woman's vehicle, noted CBS Los Angeles (video below).

"He just came up to me and pointed the gun at me and told me to get out of my car, and he just took off with it," Elizabeth Yarahuan, the carjacking victim, told KABC.

The suspect repeatedly drove on the wrong side of the road and ran numerous lights, but finally got stuck between two cars he was trying to pass through (video below).

He jumped out of the car, then appeared to try another carjacking, but was apprehended by police officers who fired rounds at him on the busy road. He was later hospitalized with multiple gunshot wounds.

"This individual acted with a complete disregard for other people's lives," Los Angeles Police Department Cmdr. Andy Smith told The Los Angeles Times.

"He callously put innocent people's lives in danger, even after the police backed off the pursuit and tracked with the helicopter," Smith added. "Thank God no one was killed by this maniac."

Sources: CBS Los Angeles, The Los Angeles Times, KABC / Image Credit: CBS Los Angeles Screenshot


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