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Man Distracted By Spider Crashes Car Into Ditch


A Michigan man became distracted while driving and lost control of his car, eventually settling in a ditch. The reason? A spider.

The 26-year-old driver became aware of the spider while driving, as the arachnid dangled from the sun visor above his head, according to CBS News. At some point, the spider became enough of a distraction that the man veered off the road.

"The driver stated he was northbound on South Good Harbor Trail when he was distracted by a spider on the visor above his head," read a statement on the Leelanau County Sheriff's Office's Facebook page. "The vehicle veered off the east side of the roadway, traveling down into the ditch through heavy brush before coming to rest against some trees."

Comments about the driver's actions on the Facebook post were mixed. Some offered sympathies to the driver, perhaps also afraid of spiders themselves, while others thought of the danger the driver caused.

"I don't think anyone wants to be bit by a spider," wrote one user. "You can say what you will and won't do, because that's easy when you're actually naught experiencing the situation. Glad they're both alright."

Others were not so understanding.

"Sorry, no tolerance for this. When you transport passengers you are charged with their safe arrival at the destination," wrote another. "Decisions made to deviate your attention to a spider and forgo your 1st responsibility parallels a decision to text or drink and drive. Thankful you got lucky and didn't kill anybody."

Another woman offered condolences to the driver, as well as sharing a years-old incident of hers that was remarkably similar.

"I remember trying to get as far away as I could by getting closer to the door," the woman wrote as she recalled a spider in her car. "I may have briefly passed out. I came to when I found myself in a ditch on opposite side of the road."

Traffic incidents caused by spiders are not entirely unique. In April, a Pennsylvania man crashed into a utility pole after he thought he saw a spider crawling on his lap, according to Fox News. The man was unharmed.

Another woman found a spider crawling down from her rearview mirror and was so startled that she lost control of her vehicle and flipped the car on its side, according to CNN. The woman wasn't seriously injured.

Sources: CBS News, Fox News, CNNLeelanau County Sheriff's Office/Facebook / Photo credit: slgckgc/Flickr

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