Intoxicated Man 'Showing Off' New Car Crashes Into Home (Photo)

An intoxicated Oregon man who tried to show off his newly-bought Subaru to friends ended up crashing and totaling the vehicle.

Joshua Pairan, 33, of Albany, Oregon, has reportedly been charged with DUI, reckless driving, third-degree assault, second-degree criminal mischief, and reckless endangerment after crashing his car with two others inside. Pairan told police that he was out for a drive to show friends his new Subaru WRX sedan, KCPQ reports.

Pairan reportedly lost control of the vehicle before it crashed through a yard, a power pole, and into the front of a house in the early hours of March 26.

The Albany Fire Department pulled a 31-year-old woman out of the backseat with the Jaws of Life, taking her to a hospital in Corvallis to treat her injuries, which are said to be non-life threatening.

No one in the home was reportedly injured. The sheriff's office said that alcohol and driving too fast contributed to the accident.

Pairan was booked into the Linn County Jail after his arrest, but was not listed among the inmates at 9 a.m. on March 26, The Oregonian reports.

"That is a sturdy a** house," said one Jalopnik commenter about the crash. "Judging by the state of the car I would assume he had gone straight through but you could probably just buff that right out."

"Sinking into the yard in the rainy season would have slowed him down, and the landscaping bushes could have been pretty sturdy depending on the point and angle where he entered," explained another user, "not to mention taking advantage of Pacific Power’s airbag and crumple zone actuator."

"Glad everybody’s more or less alright, and here’s hoping this was a BIG wake-up call and the driver gets his act together," the commenter continued.

In a similar story in January, a woman in the Guangdong province of China crashed her new car into a bridge just minutes after driving it out of the dealership, according to Daily Mail.

The woman had purchased the car, which still had the red ribbons from the dealership on it, moments before she hit a curb and punctured her tire, sending the car careening into a pedestrian bridge and destroying the front of the vehicle.

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According to Chaunsong, the vehicle may have not had insurance when the woman crashed it, since many policies in China take effect the day after the car is purchased.

In photos of the incident, the woman is seen sitting against a wall near the wrecked vehicle.

Sources: KCPQ, The Oregonian, Jalopnik, Daily Mail / Photo credit: Linn County Sheriff's Office via The Oregonian, chuansong.me via Daily Mail

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