Man Convicted of Three Rapes Won't Go to Jail


Austin Clem was found guilty in September 2013 of raping a teen neighbor three times.

A jury convicted Clem of raping the teen twice when she was 14 years old and once when she was 18, noted

After being convicted on one count of first-degree rape and two counts of second-degree rape, Clem will not be doing any prison time, thanks to a ruling today by the Alabama Criminal Court of Appeals, reports WHNT.

In November 2013, Clem was sentenced to three years of probation and two years in a community program for nonviolent criminals by Limestone County Circuit Judge James Woodroof, but District Attorney Brian Jones took the very light sentencing to court.

Alabama Criminal Court of Appeals Judge Mary Becker Windom wrote today that Jones "cannot satisfy the heavy burden" needed to force Judge Woodroof to change his non-jail sentence.

The Alabama Criminal Court of Appeals then contradicted it itself and extended Jones' probation from three years to five years, a supposedly tougher sentence.

Clem's attorney, Dan Totten, told Mother Jones that Clem's non-jail punishment for three rapes is "not a slap on the wrist" because the rapist isn't allowed to drink beer or go across the state line to buy a lotto ticket.

Totten accused victim Courtney Andrews of fabricating rape accusations as revenge against Clem for breaking off their affair, which, if true, could mean Clem may have committed statutory rape.

Sources: Mother Jones, WHNT,


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