Man Convicted of Sex With Donkey, James Mwangi, Gets 6 Years in Prison for 1st Offense


A man has been sentenced to six years in prison by a Neryi court for having sex with a donkey. Chief Magistrate Wilbroda Juma said witnesses presented by the prosecution provided enough evidence to enable the court to make a ruling, although the victim could not speak on her own behalf.

Chief Magistrate Jumna said the case would serve as a lesson to others who commit unnatural sex acts with animals.

According to the evidence, James Mwangi engaged in the act of bestiality on April 26, 2013, at Ruring’u area in Nyeri County, located in the central region of Kenya.

Magistrate Juma said the donkey’s owner, Peter Mathenge, became personally aware of the act on that date. He testified that he had left the donkey grazing with its young ones, and upon his return he was informed by a neighbor that Mwangi had sexually abused the animal.

He testified before the court that he went to the location, where he found a condom and carried it to the nearest police station to report the matter.

Nyeri police officers acted on the information immediately and interviewed an eye witness who said he saw the accused mounting the animal after having tied the donkey’s legs together.

When the assailant, James Mwangi, realized that he had been seen, he tried pulling up his trousers while he was attempting to escape, but he was captured and arrested.

On further examination by the police officers, they reported another condom was found inside the donkey’s reproductive parts.

At the trial, Mr. Mwangi, threw himself on the mercy of the court and stated that he is a young man with a bright future and has never committed such an offense before.

He implored the Magistrate for a lenient sentence so that he “could become a person who can be depended on later in life.”

Prosecutor Cathrine Murugi confirmed for the court that the accused was a first offender and had no previous criminal record.

Magistrate Juma said that, while the court notes the plea made by the accused, his case would serve as a lesson to others owing to the prevalence of cases of people committing unnatural acts with animals.

“You have been found guilty of committing the offense and will therefore serve a six years imprisonment,” Magistrate Juma stated.

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Source: Nation


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