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Convicted Rapist Commits Suicide In His Home


A man killed himself in his Tennessee home in late February after being convicted of raping a teenage girl. 

Michael E. Proctor, 37, took his own life this week after being convicted of six counts of rape and several other charges. He was found guilty of sexually abusing a 13-year-old girl several times between July 2013 and April 2014. 

After his charges were read to him, he was sent home to await sentencing. It was then that he committed suicide. A report on the nature of the suicide has not yet been released.

Montgomery County Sheriff spokesman Jamie Dexter confirmed the suicide to The Leaf-Chronicle on Friday. 

The victim testified against Proctor, saying that he "performed sex acts on her on at least five occasions," according to the Leaf-Chronicle. 

The now 15-year-old girl told the court that even though she repeatedly denied Proctor's advances and even asked him to stop, the abuse continued. 

"I got tired of it," the girl said when asked why she finally told someone.

When Proctor took the stand he denied every allegation against him. 

After being charged, Proctor was not sent to the Montgomery County Jail due to the fact that his bond had not been revoked.

Though Tennessee law dictates that the judge is to revoke the bond immediately if the defendant is convicted of rape, Proctor was a first-time offender with many ties to the community and his family. 

He allowed Proctor to be put on bond on the stipulation that he not contact with the victim and registered as a sex offender.

He was due to return to court on April 14 for sentencing. 

After being charged, Proctor reportedly cried into the arms of his family members.

Source: The Leaf-Chronicle

Photo Credit: The Tennessean, The Leaf-Chronicle


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