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Man Convicted Of Murder Because Dog Barked At Him Set Free After 10 Years In Mumbai Prison

Rajaram Babar was convicted of double murder ten years ago in India after a dog barked at him during a police line-up. He has now been set free after the High Court ruled there was no evidence proving he committed the murders.

In September 2004, the bodies of Subhadrabai and Nivrutti were discovered lying in front of their home. A police investigation found that Babar and Subhadrabai were in a dispute over the laying of pipes, reports The Times Of India.

The dog squad was called in by the police and a tracker dog was given blood stained stones from the site of the murder to sniff. When the dog went up to Babar and barked at him, he was arrested for the double murder, reports India TV.

In a trial court, Babar was found guilty of murder and sentenced to life imprisonment.

Babar then approached the High Court regarding his case.

Ten years later, the High Court has ordered his release.

The ruling by judges P. V. Hardas and Ajay Gadkari came after it was found that there was no evidence to prove Babar committed the murders, even with the "crucial" piece of evidence that the dog had barked at him from a line-up of suspects.

"The evidence of the tracker dog is not substantive piece of evidence and in the absence of proof of the dog barking at accused as well as proof of the article which was given to the dog for sniffing, no reliance whatsoever can be placed on the evidence of dog tracking. We find that there is no other evidence of corroborative nature which would corroborate the evidence of dog tracking," said the judges.

The entire case has been said by the court to have rested on circumstantial evidence.


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