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Man Convicted Of Raping Teen Boys He Kept In His Home

Man Convicted Of Raping Teen Boys He Kept In His Home Promo Image

A California man has been convicted of kidnapping and sexually assaulting two teenage boys he kept in his home through violence and intimidation. 

On Dec. 7, Randy John Morasch, 55, was found guilty on 22 counts, including kidnapping, solicitation of murder, sodomy by force or fear, oral copulation by force or fear, dissuading a victim or witness and assault with a gun, according to KTLA. 

The first victim met Morasch in 2005 when he was a 16-year-old runaway. Morasch offered the victim a job in construction and said the boy could stay at his house in Anza. The victim was homeless at the time. 

Morasch built trust with the boy by allowing him to shoot guns, drink alcohol and ride ATVs, the Anza Valley Outlook reports. Once the boy was comfortable in the home, Morasch showed him a homemade video of his teenage stepson, Dennis Harrison, having sex with a teenage girl. Morasch then raped the boy.

The victim lived with Morasch until 2009. During that period he was raped numerous times. Morasch threatened the boy with violence if he ever tried to escape. 

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On one occasion, Morasch fired a gun over the boy's head as he tried to run away. Morasch also told the victim he was affiliated with the Hell's Angels and could have him killed. 

The second victim lived with Morasch for a period of nine months between 2013 and 2014. Like the first victim, he was a teenage runaway who needed a place to stay. 

Morasch's behavior with the second victim was similar to the first victim's account. After moving into Morasch's house, the second victim was allowed to drive go-karts and motorbikes and fire guns. Morasch also provided the second victim with drugs. 

Once the second victim was settled in the home, Morasch invited him into a bedroom to watch porn, handcuffed him and raped him. 

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The second victim was also assaulted numerous times, including an incident where Morasch tied the boy up, dragged him to a bed and raped him, according to KTLA. 

The boy eventually managed to escape Morasch's home and returned to his parents. After hearing what their son had been through, the parents called police and reported Morasch. 

Morasch fled his house in Riverside County, California, and drove to Sacramento, where he was arrested following a car chase. 

While in jail, Morasch attempted to have the victims murdered so they would not be able to testify against him in court. He enlisted the help of his now-adult stepson, instructing Harrison to watch the show "Breaking Bad" for ideas on how to kill the victims, according to KTLA.

Harrison went to the victims' homes to intimidate them, but was caught and sentenced to six years in prison for witness intimidation. 

Morasch's sentencing hearing will be on Jan. 4, according to the Anza Valley Outlook. He is facing life in prison without parole. 

Sources: KTLA, Anza Valley Outlook / Featured Image: Pixabay / Embedded Images: Riverside County District Attorney's Office via KTLA, Riverside County Sheriff's Department via Los Angeles Times

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