Man Confronts Woman Hitting A Child In A Parking Lot (Video)

A man says he was walking across a parking lot in Victorville, California, when he saw a woman pulling a toddler out of a Kohl’s store by his hair. He started filming the incident (video below) and recorded what appears to show the woman hitting the 3-year-old boy with a tablet device as she strapped him into his car seat.

The man, who goes by the name Edward Moneyhanz on YouTube, uploaded the video on April 2 and has since garnered more than 22,000 views. The woman in the video has been identified by the Victorville Police Department as 39-year-old Yvonne Camargo. Though the video title identifies her as the child’s nanny, the police did not disclose Camargo’s relationship to the toddler.

The man began filming and asked Camargo, “Hey, why are you hitting that kid like that? … Why are you hitting that little baby?” 

The man’s companion started yelling at Camargo, “Hitting a f***ing innocent kid that can’t protect themselves. … How do you feel hitting a kid?” 

San Bernardino County Sheriff’s Department Deputy Scott Abernathy examined the child later, according to a news release. “The deputy examined the child for injuries, conducted a criminal interview with Camargo, and notified Children and Family Services. The case is being submitted to the (San Bernardino County) District Attorney’s Office.” 

Warning: Video contains strong language.

Source: KTLA

Image via YouTube


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