Video Of Man Confronting 'Beggar' Goes Viral (Video)


A video taken by a Vancouver, Washington, man who confronted a man he had seen begging for money on the street has gone viral.

Jimmy Severs challenged the anonymous man after he saw him get into a Toyota truck, which Severs says was made in 2014, according to media reports.

Severs works as a tattoo artist directly across the street from where the man would usually sit.

“Ladies and gentleman this is the kind of s*** we deal with daily. People drive nice a** f****** vehicles,” Severs says in the video, according to the Daily Mail.

The man stays quiet throughout the film before driving off.

“I don't even own a vehicle, I work my a** off day in and day out. This mother f***** sits out here with a god**** sign begging people for f****** money and he's driving that,” Severs adds.

“Imagine the mother f****** house he lives in. Imagine what he f****** does. Imagine how much is in his bank account. Look at this. No money but this is your f****** truck?” he says.

KOIN approached the man after they saw him on the corner where he usually begs, but he refused to answer any questions. He left the area and said he was going home, the news station said.

“Just to see somebody sitting out with a 2014, 2015 Toyota Tacoma holding a sign – just imagine how much money that guy has made in the months of sitting there, that I’ve personally seen him sitting there,” Severs told the station.

His video has been shared over 1,000 times and viewed at least 43,000 times, as of May 25.

KOIN reported that Vancouver police officers said panhandling is not illegal unless someone is begging for money aggressively or obstructing traffic.

Severs argued his experience should serve as a warning.

“Don’t give them money,” he told KOIN. “Give them something they need, if they need money for food and clothes, give them food and clothes.”

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