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Man Confesses Statutory Rape On Reddit, Readers Make Him Regret It

People use Reddit to discuss all sorts of topics. Many discussions are lighthearted, others are serious, and some are dark. A recent post by Redditor Pilot94 falls into the latter category.

Posting to the r/OffMyChest section of the site, Pilot94 wrote a post titled “I should be in prison.”

As noted by Gawker, the post starts with some background information: the author was a military child who’d moved all around the world. His family then settled in a small Texas town. The author reconnected with his fifth grade crush, and they started to date. After three months, she cheated on him. He became angry and started selling drugs and committing crimes. He never was caught, though.

One night some girls from his school called him and a friend up. The author was 18 at the time and the girls, although he believed them to be 15-16, were actually 13-14-years old. They all got drunk and started having sex in the back of a truck. But on the way back they were all pulled over by police.

“Then sh*t hit the fan,” the author said. “The girls accused us of raping them, getting them drunk and supplying drugs.”

It gets worse.

All three girls claimed to be virgins to the police. The police did a rape test on one of the girls, and they found vaginal tearing. The police opened up a full-fledged investigation, and the author was expecting to spend 10+ years in prison.

But suddenly, the lead detective and police chief of the town were fired. And, the author claims, he and his friend never heard from police again. The author went on to say how grateful he is for being giving a second chance in life, and says he and his friend are both living out their dreams in the military and college.

As Pilot94 is now finding out, the post was probably best left unwritten. Fellow Redditors didn’t take the story lightly, and one person called the authors university to tell them about what he had done.

“Now, I’m being looked at by my supervisors and almost certainly [getting] kicked out,” the author said. “Which will ruin my life.”

The thread has since been closed and there is no word on whether the author has been kicked out of school or punished.

Here is a screenshot of the entire post:

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Sources: Gawker, Daily Dot


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