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Man Confesses To Six Years Of Makeshift Surgical Procedures And Sexual Abuse On Minor

A Florida man was arrested on Tuesday after confessing to a horrific campaign of sexual abuse on a minor.

Louis Romano Bianculli, 68, of Lighthouse Point, has been charged with several counts of sexual battery, the Sun Sentinel reported. The abuse lasted for six years and involved “surgeries,” “procedures,” and “rough play,” authorities said.

The investigation began after the victim revealed the abuse during a therapy session, according to the Sun-Sentinel. It started in September 2005 and lasted until April 2011.

According to the arrest warrant, Bianculli started the abuse when he used a “pressure point” technique to knock the girl out. He groped his victim as she lay unconscious under the pretense that he was checking her heart.

The abuse escalated throughout the years. Bianculli confessed that he would slice the girl’s belly with knives, probe her with needles, and suck fat out from her stomach to pump into her breasts. 

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Bianculli said he would sedate the girl with sleeping pills or chloroform and abuse her while she lay unconscious. He terrified the girl with stories about killing people in the Vietnam war. The girl thought he would kill her too if she didn’t play along, police said.

The warrant also states that Bianculli once tied the girl down with duct tape, put a plastic bag over her head, and counted the amount of breaths she would take before passing out. The warrant went on to state that the girl was “brainwashed” and submitted to the makeshift surgical procedures.

Bianculli was booked into Fort Lauderdale jail and is being held without bond. He could be facing the death penalty as investigators work to determine the precise age of the victim at the time of the abuse.

Police obtained a series of recorded conversations in which Bianculli confessed to the crimes. In the recordings, Bianculli expressed some regret and remorse for his actions. He reportedly admitted that the abuse made him feel like a “disgusting person,” but added that it was a “mind game” and something that “a lot of people get off on sexually.”

Bianculli said it was “humiliating to know that something you did that was wrong…that was personal…a dark part of yourself that you buried is not buried anymore,” according to the warrant.

The Daily Mail and the Sun-Sentinel have attempted to contact Bianculli’s attorney, Herb M. Cohen, but neither has gotten a response.

Sources: Sun-Sentinel, Daily Mail

Photo Credit: Broward Sheriff's Office


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