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Man Tells Wife He Drowned Their Daughter

Man Tells Wife He Drowned Their Daughter Promo Image

A Florida father told his wife he had killed his 17-month-old daughter by drowning her.

Jeremy Main, 38, confessed to the crime over the phone while his wife was at work, WFTV reports.

In response, the wife called police.

Police charged Main with first-degree murder in relation to the death of his daughter, McKenzie Main.

"For someone to be able to do something like that is just mind-boggling," said Lake County Sheriff's Office spokesperson Fred Jones.

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"Throughout 20 years you think you’ve seen the worst of the worst, then you see something like that and you wonder what would take a person’s humanity to allow them to do something like that," Jones added, reports the Ocala StarBanner. "It’s hard on the detectives down there, hard on the crime scene investigators, the road patrol guys. We are all mothers and fathers and it impacts us."

Authorities said they had to force their way into the home, where they found the child dead in a bathtub.

"[The toddler's death] does not appear to be an accident based on language he used with the mother," added Jones.

Main then turned himself in at a sheriff's substation. He was covered in blood because he had allegedly tried to hurt himself.

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The motives are still unclear, although deputies say a marital issue between the mother and father may have played a role.

Main does not have a criminal history.

Neighbors were heartbroken by the news and mourned the child's death.

"That's just heartbreaking," he said. "Sickening. There's no excuse for it."

"She would always smile and wave hi," Washburn added. "She was just so cute. She was always so happy."

Meanwhile, news of the death disturbed and outraged many online.

"To bad he did not have the balls to kill himself," wrote one person in the Daily Mail's comments section. "I hope that he is tortured brutally in prison. But most likely he will be placed in a cell and not mixed with the general population."

"How did this child's mother not see the hate in this guys heart as it had to be there in more than a few ways?," added another. "This monster was never right in the head if he can drown a child much less his own like this and then cal his wife to gloat he killed her. I myself don't want to see this guy sit in any prison for a lifetime rather I want to see him ended as he will never be of any good use to mankind. Ladies, please be careful who you decide to hook up with as so many of these men are batshiiz crazy deep inside their heads.. That poor little little child.. RIP sweetness."

Sources: WFTV, Daily Mail, Ocala StarBanner / Featured Image: Pink Sherbet Photography/Wikimedia Commons / Embedded Images: WFTV

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