Man Confesses On TV To Driving In Fatal Crash (Video)


A man named Jose confessed to a Los Angeles TV reporter that he had been driving during an accident that killed his passenger/cousin, Juan, on Feb. 22 (video below).

Jose originally fled the scene of the accident, but returned to tell KTTV reporter Gigi Graciette how he lost control of the car, notes TVSpy.

"And he made me drive and I told him I couldn't drive," Jose recalled. "He was drunk already, and I told him I couldn't drive, so he made me drive, so he stopped in the middle of the freeway. So when I stopped, well, that's the incident."

Graciette confirmed from Jose that he lost control of the car, and crashed into a pole. Jose also said his cousin was "drunker."

Graciette wrote on the station's website that Jose told her he had left the scene of the accident to get help, and was not aware his cousin had died.

The police told Jose his cousin was dead, gave him a field sobriety test and charged him with driving under the influence. Jose could also be charged with vehicular manslaughter.

Sources: TVSpy, KTTV / Photo credit: YouTube

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