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Man Confesses Crime to News Cameraman, Steals His Car (Video)

An Australian TV news cameraman recently had his car stolen by a man who confessed a crime to him.

7News cameraman Peter Steer was flagged down on the side of the road in Queensland, Australia, by an unidentified man who had blood on his hands.

According to, Steer filmed as the man tearfully confessed to shooting a woman.

"He got off his bike and approached me and said 'I've got a story for you.' I said 'Well mate, you better hurry because I'm going to a shooting,' and he said, 'Mate, I'm the shooter,'" Steer told 7News (video below).

Steer called the police who failed to come after 30 minutes. When Steer called the cops a second time, the man got into Steer's car, waved a gun and yelled, "Don't be a f---- idiot."

"It was pretty confronting," recalled Steer. "I wanted to get that shot of him with the gun, but I didn't want to get shot. He was fairly upset and I should have locked the car up and next thing I knew he had gone from being 'Mr. Nice Guy' to someone who was going to take my car."

The man then drove off with the car.

Eventually police arrived, picked up Steer and responded to a call at a nearby gas station where the man had crashed the car into a large gas tank.

Police repeatedly told the man to get on the ground, but he walked from the cashier to the gas tank where police yelled, "Gas! Gas!"

The man was finally taken into custody and charged with attempted murder, armed robbery, dangerous operation of a car, unlawful possession of a weapon and willful damage.

A fire crew had to be called to the gas station, which was closed as were the roads nearby.

"Just with his actions itself with the vehicle, could have caused astronomical damage to the surrounding area," said Police Inspector Michael Miley.

Sources:, 7News


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