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Man Complains About Neighbor's Loud Music And Is Attacked By His Two Dogs

A father of three from Lancashire, England, reportedly knocked on his neighbor's door to complain about loud music and nearly lost an eye after he was attacked by his neighbor's two Staffordshire bull terriers.

Keith Chadwick, 36, asked his neighbor to turn down the music at night because he had to wake up early for his shift at the post office. Instead of his neighbor complying, Chadwick says he was bitten by the 21-year-old neighbor's dogs on his face, body and legs and is going to need plastic surgery. 

Chadwick's 16-year-old son reportedly tried to pry the dogs off of his father during the attack.

The police and RSPCA have been called in the past about the dogs, which Chadwick says were being raised by his neighbor in a way that encouraged them to be violent. 

The neighbor has been arrested on suspicion of having dogs dangerously out of control. The dogs have since been seized -- something Chadwick isn't reportedly happy about.

"Keith is actually upset that these dogs will probably have to be put down," said Chadwick's brother Steve. "He knows they are not naturally bad. He is happy for these pictures to be used if it warns people of the dangers involved with badly brought up dogs."

Source: Mirror/Photo Credit: Steve Chadwick via Mirror


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