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Man Comes Home to Find A Burglar Robbing Him, Subdues Him Until Police Arrive

A burglar in Tiverton, Rhode Island made a series of bad decisions while trying to rob a home recently.

According to reports, 21-year-old Brandon Dunham of Fall River, Massachusetts attempted to rob a Tiverton home but wound up coming face to face with the homeowner instead.

It didn't end well for him.

“He was found by the homeowner, a 48-year-old man,” said police Captain Patrick Jones. “The homeowner told us he came in and found Dunham going through his upstairs rooms. The front window was smashed and there was glass on the floor and on the front porch. It appears he went in through the front window. “

After the homeowner discovered Dunham burglarizing his home, he immediately confronted him.

“The suspect lunged at the homeowner,” said Jones. “The homeowner was able to subdue him.”

Dunham was held by the homeowner long enough for police to arrive at the scene and arrest him. Authorities say that when they arrived, Dunham was bleeding and had cuts and bruises on him. He was taken to the local hospital for treatment before being arrested.

Statistics show that Rhode Island sees an average of just below 6,000 burglaries a year.


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