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Man Explains Holiday Display: Santa's Urinating On ISIS, Not Supporting It

It's not often that someone opens his door to find sheriff's deputies offering decorating tips, but that's what happened to a Maine man after passersby mistook his anti-ISIS display for a message supporting the terror group.

The York County Sheriff's Office received several calls on Dec. 11 from people in Limerick, Maine, who were concerned about a neighbor's holiday display that included the name ISIS in red lights among more traditional Christmas decorations, like a snowman and colored lights running along the eaves of the house.

The man admitted the glowing ISIS on his lawn did indeed refer to the terrorist group, but pointed to an illuminated Santa Claus above the letters, with a string of white lights that were supposed to indicate Santa was urinating on the terror group's name.

"He probably should've used yellow lights" for Santa's urine, York County Sheriff William King told the NY Daily News.

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"But he used white lights," the sheriff said. "You couldn't really distinguish what Santa was doing."

After the police visited his home on Dec. 12, the man -- who asked police not to identify him in media reports -- told deputies he would change the display to make it more obvious the ISIS name was being peed on, not praised. The homeowner hasn't had previous encounters with the police, and King told NY Daily News the man had not broken any laws with his display.

The sheriff's office issued a statement making it clear deputies had looked into the complaint, and the display wasn't the work of an ISIS sympathizer, Maine's Portland Press Herald reported. King told NY Daily News the homeowner considered the decorations "pro-America."

"He doesn't like what's going on in the world, so he wanted to make his own little political statement," he said.

Sources: NY Daily News, Portland Press Herald / Photo source: York County Sheriff's Office via NY Daily News

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