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Man Captures Video Footage Of PETA Workers Stealing Family Dog, Claims They Killed Her (Video)

The family of a young girl from Accomack County, Virginia, says the beloved dog they bought for her when they moved here from Mexico was mysteriously taken by PETA workers, who told them they had killed the animal.

Dad Wilbur Cerate says Maya the Chihuahua was such an integral member of their family that she ran out of the house to greet him when she saw his car pull up. He says he became suspicious one Saturday in October, when he returned home from work and Maya was nowhere to be found, reports WAVY-TV.

Cerate checked his security camera and says he couldn’t believe his eyes when he saw that a van marked with the word “PETA” on its side had backed into his driveway that day and that two female workers from the animal organization reportedly got out of the van and took Maya from his porch, placing her in their vehicle before driving off.

“I was angry,” Cerate said. “I understand they pick up my dog, if it was in a tree or another place, but this is my house.”

The story gets even worse. Two women from PETA reportedly returned to Cerate’s house three days later with a fruit basket – and horrific news. Maya had reportedly been euthanized. Cerate says they didn’t have proof of this, though, so when he called police hoping to charge the PETA workers with larceny, he soon realized there wasn’t enough evidence to prosecute them.

Cerate says his family has no idea why PETA took their dog and that they may never know. He says his daughter is devastated at the loss of Maya and doesn’t want to attend school.

Calls for comment were made to PETA, but the organization didn’t respond, reports WAVY-TV.

Source: WAVY-TV

Photo Credit: WAVY-TV


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