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Man Claims Chicago Police Sodomized Him with Gun While 'Laughing Hysterically'

Angel Perez is suing the city of Chicago and police officer Jorge Lopez in federal court because Lopez allegedly sodomized Perez with a gun while “laugh[ing] hysterically.”

According to the complaint, Perez was working as a delivery driver on Oct. 20, 2012, when police in an unmarked car pulled him over, threw him in cuffs and then hauled him off to Harrison Street Police Station.

The complaint states that from there, "two officers began assaulting the plaintiff with questions regarding robberies and drug dealers in the Taylor Street area. Plaintiff responded that he did not know anything about robberies or drug dealings in the Taylor Street area again and repeatedly requested that the officers call his lawyer. Plaintiff's lawyer was never contacted and the questioning continued. The officers were particularly interested in why the plaintiff had the telephone number of an individual by the name of 'Dwayne' in his telephone."

The police did not allow him to contact a lawyer and released him after two hours. The next day, Lopez allegedly called Perez and told him that he had to come to a local restaurant and sign a document in order to avoid having his car towed. Upon arrival, Perez and another officer "grabbed the plaintiff and slammed his head on to the trunk of his car, searched plaintiff, handcuffed plaintiff with his hands behind his back and placed him in the squad car."

The officers took him back to the police station where up to six police officers threatened Perez with “sending him to the Cook County jail to be raped by gang members. Further, that they [the officers] could do whatever they wanted and that they would plant evidence on him and his family members.”

The officers then allegedly tortured Perez by pushing their fingers into his eyes and sitting on him. At one point Lopez was alone with Perez and stated, “I hear that a big black n----- d--- feels like a gun up your ass,” at which point he sodomized Perez with a gun.

Perez finally relented and agreed to help the police set up a drug deal.

Perez has since contacted the Independent Police Review Authority and has filed a suit against the defendants. The suit seeks punitive damages for excessive force, failure to intervene and emotional distress.

If even a fraction of what Perez claims is true, then this victim of police brutality should be in store for a mountain of money. His biggest problem, however, will be breaking through the highly unethical Blue Code of Silence to gather enough testimony for the case.

Source: Courthouse News


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