Man Claiming To Be God Says He Dismembered Father After Years Of Sexual Abuse (Video)

A Maine suspect charged this week with killing his father says he is “the Lord, Father of life” and that he killed his dad because he “sexually assaulted him his whole life.”

Leroy Smith, III, allegedly killed his 56-year-old father Leroy Smith Jr., dismembered his body and buried it in the woods.

Smith, 24, was ordered Thursday to undergo a mental health evaluation. In court he declared that he is God and that the media in the room should follow him on Twitter.

“I am a political prisoner," he told the media as he left the courtroom.

According to an affidavit, Smith “stated that he filleted him and buried him in the woods because his dad sexually assaulted him his whole life.”

Smith told Cumberland County authorities that he stabbed his father in the neck and then chopped up his remains with three knives and disposed of it in 16 trashbags, according to court documents.

Smith was living in his father’s Gardiner home for several months. His father’s friends claimed he was afraid of his son.

“He said, ‘I sleep with one eye open,’” Michael Parady, who had known the older man for 15 years, told the Online Sentinel. “I was very concerned about his son living with him. I knew he was an extremely dangerous person.”

During an interview with WGME-TV, Smith said that he had killed his father for attention.

“I did this to get my name out there. How else will I get the attention of yourself?” he said. “I'm a no one sitting up here in Maine.”

He told authorities that he videotaped the murder and the FBI “told him to put a video of the event on YouTube,” but later deleted it.

He was arrested Monday on an outstanding warrant in Massachusetts, when he flagged down a police officer and asked for directions to a strip club. He later mentioned to police that he had killed his father.

Smith led investigators for his father’s body using a signed map and verbal instructions, Daily Mail reported.

Murder charges were filed on Tuesday.

No plea was entered Thursday. Justice Donald Marden said Smith will be held in Kennebec County Jail until a court appearance on July 15.

Sources: Daily Mail, New York Daily News, Bangor Daily News


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