Man Cites Rights, Turns Away Police Who Want To Search His Home (Video)


An Inglewood, California resident is receiving mixed reviews today for the way he handled an interaction with two deputies from his local sheriff’s department.

The man, Avel Amarel, uploaded the video to his Facebook on August 25th. It’s since been shared thousands of times all over the web.

When the deputies knock on Amarel’s door, he answers with his camera recording. The deputies immediately tell him to turn the camera off.

“No, I can’t” Amarel responds.

The deputies then ask for Amarel’s name, but he rightfully says “I don’t have to tell you that.”

Next, he asks the deputies for identification, because they could be “anybody dressed up in a uniform.”

That apparently ticked off one of the deputies.

“You want to play games? I’m gonna drag you out if you…” the officer said, stopping mid sentence.

“That’s why I’m recording this,” Amarel quips back.

The cops explain that they’re looking for a felon who’d just assaulted a woman. They suspect Amarel’s family could be harboring the man in his apartment. Amarel responds by saying they have no reason to suspect him of anything. Plus, he says, he saw the wanted man walk off in another direction. He then reminds the deputies that they have no warrant to come inside his house.

“Will you allow us to check your house?” the deputies say multiple times.

“Get a warrant,” Amarel repeatedly responds.

“Ok, thank you” one of the deputies says before walking away. That was the end of the interaction. Here’s the footage:

People have mixed reactions to Amarel’s handling of the situation. Some applaud him for knowing his rights and standing up to an unwarranted search, while others say he hindered police in their investigation.

Sources: The Blaze, YouTube


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