Man Charged With Swallowing Three Pounds Of Cocaine, Smuggling Into U.S.


A Jamaican man who swallowed 148 pellets of cocaine was arrested and charged with drug smuggling.

According to reports, Errol Simpson, 41, was traveling from Jamaica to Fort Lauderdale, Florida, when U.S. Customs agents said he appeared nervous and inconsistent during questioning.

He was taken to a local hospital and given X-rays, after which it was discovered that he swallowed 148 pellets — equaling three pounds — of cocaine. 

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He spent eight days in the hospital and eventually passed the cocaine out of his system. Simpson later told investigators that he was guaranteed a maximum pay of $5,000, depending on how much of the drug was smuggled successfully. 

The value of the cocaine Simpson smuggled is reportedly estimated to be about $38,000. 

Simpson is currently behind bars pending trial.

Sources: Sun Sentinel, NBC Miami / Photo credit: Wikipedia, sun-sentinel.com


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