Man Charged with Shooting Boy While Emptying Bullets from Gun (Video)


Delaney Singleton was reportedly taking bullets out of a handgun when he accidentally shot a 4-year-old boy in the back inside a Kansas City, Mo., apartment on Monday night.

Singleton has been charged with second-degree assault, reports KCTV5 (video below).

According to the police report, a witness claimed that Singleton said, "I don't know, it fell on the floor and went off."

Singleton was given the gun by his sister, who had taken the weapon from her boyfriend.

The police report noted that "she thought [the boyfriend] was going to do something stupid [with the gun]."

Singleton reportedly took the weapon into a bathroom to remove the bullets when it accidentally fired.

Police officers believe the bullet went through a bathroom door and into a bedroom where the boy was playing.

While the woman tried to help the boy, Singleton ran from the scene and gave the gun to another man, according to the police report.

However, officers recovered the gun, and Singleton reportedly told them about his part in the shooting.

The boy was taken to a local hospital where he was in critical, but stable condition.

KMBC notes that prosecutors requested a judge to set Singleton's bond at $50,000, ban him from possessing guns and require him to submit to drug testing.

"I feel bad for the baby because he's an innocent baby and also for the person that got charged because it was an accident as well," neighbor Shay Johnson told KCTV5. "But that's why guns shouldn't be around kids."

Sources: KCTV5 and KMBC


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