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Man Charged With Sexual Exploitation Of Teen Who Committed Suicide

The investigation into the suicide of a 14-year-old girl from La Vergne, Tennessee, has uncovered evidence resulting in the arrest of a man on two felony counts of sexual exploitation.

Sherokee Harriman died in September from a self-inflicted knife wound.

According to reports, the investigation into her suicide by police led to unrelated charges being brought against 20-year-old Tyler Hubbard. He was arrested and charged this week with aggravated sexual exploitation of a minor and soliciting sexual exploitation of a minor. They are both felony charges.

A look at Harriman’s Facebook account led police to Hubbard.

“Her family was looking at her Facebook pages while I was there,” La Vergne Detective Stephen Hale told Daily News Journal. “We found some inappropriate content.”

The inappropriate content they discovered included sexually oriented posts and comments involving Hubbard.

Hubbard confessed to police about his relationship with Harriman.

“We didn’t even know that she was depressed like she was, because she put on her poker face,” Harriman’s mother, Heather Edwards, told WSMV of her suicide.

Edwards knew Hubbard, having met him a few times when he spent time with her daughter.

“She would confide in me about how Tyler, at times he’d be nice and at times he’d be mean to her,” Edwards said.

Edwards said she did not know about the inappropriate relationship between Harriman and Hubbard until she found pictures on her daughter’s phone.

“I was the one who actually saw that, and I was shocked,” Edwards said.

Edwards was also shocked with what Hubbard allegedly did after Harriman’s death.

According to family members, Hubbard sent a text message to a friend of Harriman’s joking about her suicide.

“In my opinion, you would have to be sick to say something like that,” Edwards said.

Sources: Daily News JournalWSMV / Photo credit: WSMV


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