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Cops: Man Tipped Strippers With Fake $100 Bills

At first, strippers at a Michigan club thought Stephen Gidcumb was a high-roller.

The 32-year-old flashed large bills when he visited the Deja Vu strip club in Kochville, Michigan, according to police, leaving a $100 tip for a woman who gave him a lap dance.

"This gentleman went into the local strip club here and one of the dancers took him back to the VIP room, where he was getting private dances," Lt. Miguel Gomez of the Saginaw County Sheriff’s Office told the New York Daily News.  "He then paid the worker with a $100 bill."

Gidcumb left the club and "while he was gone, [the dancer] realized that the $100 was fake," Gomez said.

The wannabe high-roller returned later that same night, May 13, perhaps expecting he'd be treated appreciatively as thanks for his generous tips. But Gidcumb didn't realize employees at the club knew the currency was fake and had already contacted police.

Sheriff's deputies caught up with him at the club and charged him with intentionally passing counterfeit notes, according to the MLive. The felony charge could land him in prison for up to seven years if he's convicted. Gidcumb was also charged with carrying a concealed weapon after deputies said they found a pistol in Gidcumb's car.

Gidcumb, who lives with his parents, was printing the fake cash at home with his computer, police said. Cops found at least $4,000 in fake bills on him in addition to real money he had in his wallet, and more fake bills in his home, according to the Daily News.

Gidcumb was arraigned May 16 and entered a plea of not guilty. He was sent to county jail, where he remains on $30,000 bail, according to MLive, and is scheduled to return to court for a preliminary hearing May 31.

Sources: MLive, New York Daily News / Photo credit: Joe Mabel/Wikimedia Commons

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