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Man Charged with Negligence for Leaving 3-Year-Old Alone with Grenade and Rifles

Yesterday afternoon authorities were called to an apartment in Little Havana, Miami, to investigate reports that a three-year-old child was walking around alone. They entered to find the toddler completely alone, except for the assault rifles, the grenade, and the arsenal of ammunition, that is.

Her father, Luis Bianchi, 25, is being held on child neglect charges, with $5,000 bail. Bianchi turned himself in after seeing the report about his child on the evening news. Amazingly, Bianchi was gone so long, that authorities had taken custody of the child and local news stations were able to report on the abandoned child before Bianchi had even gone back home.

Several AR-15s and a grenade were left on the table. However, Bianchi argues that the child’s mother told him she was on her way back. The mother’s current whereabouts are not yet known. Moreover, Bianchi alleges that he locked the apartment and obstructed access to the room with the weapons. That being said, authorities say the apartment door was open and that the couch did not completely bar access to the room with the weapons.

The child, meanwhile, is celebrating her 4th birthday in police custody.

Sources: WSVN, Huffington Post,


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