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Man Charged With Murder Over Shooting Two Hours After He Had Dinner With The Victim's Family

A man was charged with capital murder after he allegedly shot a young woman in Birmingham, Alabama, after he had Sunday dinner with her family.

Antonio Williams, 22, allegedly shot 20-year-old Jacoria Ray. The woman’s family said Williams had spent several hours eating dinner with them, and had only left two hours before Ray’s body was uncovered on Aug. 23.

Williams, a former member of the U.S. Army, according to police, was taken into custody at a gas station as he filled the tank of a vehicle that belongs to Ray’s mother. The vehicle was reported missing just after Ray’s body was found, reported

Williams is being held without bond at the Jefferson County Jail. It is unclear whether or not he has an attorney, reported CBS News.

Officials at Miles College in nearby Fairfield, Alabama, said Williams had applied to be a student there, but the school still needed more paperwork.

Williams had shown up for band practice to play the drums but was not able to play because he wasn’t officially a student.

Birmingham police have refused to release details about what may have caused the shooting or Williams’ relationship to Ray.

Ray’s family said that she and her 12-year-old brother picked up Williams and brought him to Ray’s grandmother’s home where they stayed for a few hours.

Ray had never introduced a man to her family. Cynthia Brown, her grandmother, said that she seemed happy but didn’t get a good feeling from Williams.

The three left the grandmother’s home and dropped off the younger brother. They were planning to take dinner leftovers home to Ray’s mother who spent the day sick and in bed.

When Ray was more than an hour late in returning home, the mother, Deandra Ray “knew something was wrong,” she said.

Deandra said she called Williams and he said he’d call her right back. When she called again his phone was off and he had taken down his Instagram page.

Deandra said she is happy about there being an arrest but that it won’t bring her daughter back. “I’m kind of numb right now,” she said. “He took my baby from me. There’s nothing that can be done to ease this hurt.”

Source:, CBS News / Photo credit: Birmingham Police Department


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