Couple Charged: Felony Marijuana Possession For Seeds

Police in Fletcher, North Carolina, reportedly arrested and charged Jason Hume and his girlfriend Jordanna Colby on May 1 with felony possession of marijuana with intent to sell and distribute because they had marijuana seeds.

Hume told The Free Thought Project he legally ordered the seeds off the internet, and was keeping the seeds until they moved to a state where it was legal to grow marijuana.

However, that move did not come soon enough.

Officers with the McDowell County Sheriff’s Office reportedly pulled Hume and Colby over at a driver’s license checkpoint, which is where they found 500 cannabis seeds in 50 packets.

Hume said the police also seized the cash he and Colby had: "I had about $800 in cash in my wallet. My girlfriend had about $200 in hers. They took all of that and we haven’t gotten any of that back."

The cops reportedly also confiscated cannabidiol (CBD) from the couple, which Hume believes is lawful in North Carolina: "I wonder if they’re not familiar with the laws of their own state."

The News & Observer noted in February that neurologists are allowed to dispense CBD to patients in North Carolina who have epilepsy, although a proposed bill would legalize marijuana for all medical use.

According to the pro-marijuana advocacy group NORML, epileptic patients in North Carolina are limited to CBD "containing less than nine-tenths of one percent THC and at least five percent CBD by weight."

Hume and Colby were considering making North Carolina their home, but now they want to move to a state where marijuana is legal. However, the couple cannot leave the state until the charges are settled.

Hume is scheduled to appear in court on July 19, and is hoping to have the felony reduced in a plea bargain due to fears that it could harm his future plans of working in the legal marijuana industry because some states don't allow felons to engage in that field.

Hume said he wants people to "try and wake up your friends and family to freedom," and understand "voluntaryism," which he says is the notion that "you own your body, you own yourself, and you have the last say as to how you treat your body," according to The Free Thought Project.

"Cannabis is actually helping people get off of opiates and other addictive substances," Hume added. "It’s kinda mind boggling how I could get arrested with marijuana possession with the intent to distribute."

The McDowell County Sheriff’s Office has not commented on the case.

Sources: The Free Thought Project, The News & Observer, NORML / Photo Credit: Jorge Barrios/Wikimedia Commons

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