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Man Charged With DWI And Vehicular Homicide For Second Time


A 27-year-old New Mexico man is being charged with vehicular homicide and DWI for the second time after causing a crash eerily similar to the one he caused eight years ago.

The man, Jacob Williams, was driving down New Mexico’s Highway 109 on Saturday when he veered across the center line and struck a motorcycle that was carrying 51-year-old Daniel Sanchez and the man’s 11-year-old daughter. Sanchez died immediately on the scene, and his daughter was forced to undergo two surgeries at the University of New Mexico hospital for injuries sustained as a result of the accident. 

Eight years ago, Williams was involved in an extremely similar accident when he struck a motorcycle, killing its driver and injuring its passenger. In response to that incident, Williams was sentenced to six years in prison. According to KRQE, Williams was released early after three years, then incarcerated after two months for violating parole. He was finally released in 2012. 

Although the simple fact that Williams has caused two fatal vehicular collisions while driving under the influence of alcohol at such a young age is unfortunate, the situation gets more complex and tragic. The judge that handed down Williams’ initial sentence was named Judge William Sanchez. His brother is Daniel Sanchez, the man who died as a result of Williams’ most recent crash. Despite the unlikely and unusual connection, law enforcement officials believe the relationship between Judge Sanchez and Daniel Sanchez to be coincidental. 

According to the Sacremento Bee, Williams’ blood-alcohol level was calculated at .16 percent after a breath test following his most recent crash, or twice the legal limit. He is currently being held at the Valencia County Detention Center as he awaits his criminal proceedings to begin. 


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