Missouri Man Severely Abused Seven-Week-Old Baby

A Missouri man was charged with assault for causing injuries to a seven-week-old baby.

According to reports, Dustin T. Dye was arrested on June 7 for a June 3 incident in which he caused severe injury to the newborn child.

"It is shocking that a person could (allegedly) intentionally cause this type of harm to such a defenseless infant,” said Prosecuting Attorney David Clayton in a press release.

“My thoughts and prayers are with the baby and her family as hopefully they can start and continue a process of healing, physically and mentally. The Marion County Prosecutor's office will work closely with all contributing law enforcement and social service agencies to assure that this little girl and her family receive the justice they so much deserve."

Dye reportedly tried to evade police, but after days of hiding, officers were able to apprehend him. He was charged with two counts of child abuse and is currently being held on a $250,000 cash bond. If he’s convicted, Dye could face up to two consecutive life sentences in prison.

Sources: Connect Tristates.com, Hannibal Courier-Post (2)


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