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Man Charged After Photos Surface of Him Lowering Dog On Rope from Apartment Balcony

A South Carolina man has been charged after pictures surfaced of his father’s dog being lowered from the balcony of his second-story apartment while he was caring for it.

If convicted, Tyler Smith of Greenville could face up to 30 days in jail and a $1,000 fine for mistreating an animal. Over the weekend, numerous people called Greenville police to report their concern after witnessing the incident and seeing the photos that were posted online.

The photos show the dog being lowered down from the balcony of the apartment by a rope, and the pet was apparently in a harness. Reports say that it was raining on the day the incident occurred and that, most likely, 23-year-old Smith was lowering the dog down to let it use the bathroom. Smith was allegedly watching the dog while his father was out of town.

The dog was unharmed, and Smith has been officially charged with city ordinance Animal Care-General. 


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