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Man Causes Two Flights to Land After Trying to Open Exit Door for a Smoke

A man from New York caused two planes to land early in less than 12 hours after he tried to open the cabin door to step outside and have a smoke while the plane was in the air.

He was on his way to Charlotte, N.C. from Las Vegas. The first plane was forced to land in Albuquerque, N.M.

He reportedly spoke with a Russian accent and was shaking the seat in front of him while he tried to light a cigarette. He then went to the exit door "for a smoke."

After flight attendants failed to control him, the plane landed in New Mexico. FBI agents and police interviewed the man, but since he did not open the cabin door, he was released without charges.

Once he was released, he purchased a flight to Chicago on a different airline and repeated the same behavior.

He refused to stay seated and again attempted to open the exit door for a smoke.

The man was restrained and the plane landed at Kansas City Airport to remove him from the flight.

"He was just being obnoxious," one passenger said. "He was being belligerent."

Another passenger said the man spoke Russian and "kept trying to open the exit door to step outside and have a smoke."

Surprisingly, the man was interviewed again by authorities once they landed in Kansas City and was released without any charges.

Sources: Daily Mail,MS News


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