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Man Caught Trying To Smuggle 94 iPhones Strapped To His Body Into China (Photos)

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A Chinese man was caught trying to smuggle 94 iPhones into the country’s mainland by strapping them to his body.

Photos were posted on a Chinese social media site of a man being searached by authorites, appearing to have the devices taped to his body in a way that resembles body armor. The man was reportedly attempting to make it through Futian Port with the phones concealed under his clothing.

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Authorities reportedly noticed the man’s “weird walking posture,” as well as joint stiffness and muscle tension, and asked him to go through a metal detector. The phones were subsequently discovered and seized by police.

The man had been attempting to return to the mainland from Hong Kong, where iPhones are significantly less expensive. According to The Huffington Post, an unlocked iPhone in China costs $872, compared to $649 in the U.S.

Black market prices for the iPhone 6 allegedly reached more than $3,000 in China before the devices were officially available. 

The value of the smuggler’s iPhone suit is estimated to be somewhere around $50,000.

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