Report: Man Caught Having Sex With A Cow

Andy Loyola, 46, is accused of having sex with cows, horses and water buffalo.

Rustico Sarno, a farmer from the village of Silang in the Philippines, reported his cow was missing and Loyola was allegedly caught having sex with the cow while he was under the influence of illegal drugs. When he was detained, police reportedly discovered drug paraphernalia in Loyola’s possession. 

This isn’t the first time Loyola has been caught in a compromising position with livestock. Sarno claims Loyola has had sex with his animals many times and ABS-CBN reported Loyola had sex with another cow in the nearby town of Alfonso.

Loyola is facing charges for violating the country's Animal Welfare Act.

Sarno believes his cow is now pregnant, despite having never been mated with a bull. Daily Mail reported the cow will undergo an examination to determine the validity of the claims.

If the cow is in fact pregnant, Loyola is definitely not the father, because inter-species breeding not possible in this case.

Sources: ABS-CBN, Daily Mail

Image: Kleomarlo via Wikimedia Commons


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