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Man Caught On Camera Throwing, Kicking Pit Bull (Video)


A Medford, Massachusetts man was arrested after he was caught on camera apparently kicking and throwing his girlfriend’s pit bull.

Ryan Baker faces three counts of animal cruelty for the incidents that were caught on video (below), including one involving the man grabbing the dog by its legs and throwing it over a fence into the snow. Neighbors said that the incidents that were filmed are just some examples of the abuse the dog faced at Baker’s hands.

“I witnessed the abuse of this dog dozens of times,” neighbor Ed Moyer said. “I can hear the dog yelping, screaming, crying uncontrollably. It's heartbreaking from 100 yards away, and she's in the house 10 yards away.”

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Baker’s girlfriend, who police said has so far cooperated with their investigation, owns 1-year-old Bullet. Authorities said they are investigating whether or not the girlfriend was aware of or turned a blind eye to the abuse while it was occurring.

“There's another video that shows the individual aggressively punching and kicking the dog, dragging the dog,” Medford Police Lt. Paul Covino said. “You can see as soon as (the dog) sees him, he cowers back."

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Baker’s father reportedly posted $1,000 bail for his son, though he declined to comment when asked about the incident by reporters.

Sources: WCVB, YouTube

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