Man Caught On Camera Throwing Baby Into The Air (Video)

A disturbing video depicts a man picking up a baby and throwing him through the air. According to reports, the toddler sustained injuries.

The video shows the unidentified man running into a store during what reports say is a fight with the store’s owner. More people chase after him, and shortly thereafter, the baby, said to be 12 months old, waddles towards the doorway but doesn’t enter. A couple more people run into the store to see what is going on, and within seconds, the man runs back outside, grabs the baby, and hurls it through the air, out of the line of the security camera that caught the act on video.

The Sun reports that the baby is currently being treated at a hospital in Huainan, although the extent of its injuries is not known. As of now, it doesn’t appear that the man has faced any charges, but seeing as how there’s captured evidence of him tossing the baby, it’s unlikely that he’ll get off with just a warning.

Luckily, the baby survived the scary ordeal, but last year in Beijing, a two-year-old was the center of a similar incident and, unfortunately, died of her injuries. In that incident, a man named Han Lei, 39, got into a dispute with a woman over a parking space, and because he wasn’t satisfied, he took the woman’s daughter out of her baby carriage and threw her across the concrete parking lot. Han said he thought the carriage was a shopping cart and had no intention of killing a child, but a court found him guilty, and he was sentenced to death shortly thereafter.  


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