Man Invokes Trump, Says 'Kill All Muslims'

A video of a blood-covered man yelling "Kill Muslims!" and chanting "Trump! Trump! Trump!" in Grand Rapids, Michigan, made the rounds on social media, and now cops are investigating.

The incident, which happened in downtown Grand Rapids' Rosa Parks Circle, was partially captured on a cell phone camera by a woman named Candy Valenzuela, who uploaded the video to Facebook on March 27.

"This just happened right in front of my eyes," Valenzuela wrote. "A group of Muslims [was] preaching knowledge and this guy walks by and just starts yelling ...  After the video he actually walked by them, tried to swing, missed and fell!"

The audio is jumbled, and the man yells a few unintelligible words at the assembled group of Muslims, but he raises his voice and can be heard clearly yelling: "Kill Muslims! Kill them all! Kill them all!"

After exchanging insults with people off-camera, the man starts to walk away, then thinks better of it and turns back toward the group.

"Trump! Trump! Trump!" he yells, pumping his fist in the air each time he says the Republican presidential candidate's name.

A story by WZZM, a local TV news station, said "a report was filed" with the Grand Rapids Police Department, but it did not say who filed the report.

A follow-up story by the Huffington Post shows a close-up, still photo of the alleged Trump supporter, and the man's face is clearly covered in blood. It's not clear if it's the unidentified man's blood or someone else's.

The photo shows the man speaking to a police officer, while another officer stands nearby. Grand Rapids police told the Huffington Post that the man told them he was attacked.

“The gentleman [in the video] was accusing that he was assaulted by the protesters,” Sgt. Terry Dixon said. “The truth is we have video showing that he was the instigator.”

Police added that they're investigating the incident, although no arrests have been made. They did not identify the man in the video by name.

Sources: Candy Valenzuela/FacebookWZZM, Huffington Post / Photo credit: WZZM, Ariel Carrillo via Huffington Post

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