Man Caught On Camera Beating Dog Gets Exactly What He Deserves (Video)


“What goes around, comes around,” has never been truer after watching the latest satisfying viral video posted on

In an awesome example of karma, the video, said to be in Mexico, shows a man brutally beating his helpless dog on the street in broad daylight. A random bystander captured the video to show the cruelty of the man towards the animal.

After a few swings, the man appears to lose his balance and suddenly falls into the street, face first. As the man attempts to get himself back up, the dog realizes that it can make an escape, so it immediately runs away without hesitation. The man finally gets up, and as the video ends, he can be seen limping in the direction of the abused dog, clearly trying to chase it down.

Since being posted just one day ago, the video has already garnered over 79,000 views on LiveLeak, and commenters seem to all be in agreement that the man got what he deserved.

“Some people are just disgusting, and should never own animals,” said user AlphaNuma.

Take a look at the video below.


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