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Man Catches Wallet Thief In Amateur Sting Operation

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A Florida man successfully conducted his own amateur sting operation at a local mall in order to recover his stolen wallet. According to the Tampa Bay Times, D’Andre Rivers’ wallet was stolen along with his credit card and drivers license. The thief, 37-year-old Malik Abdul McCauley, rented a car and spent more than $2,000 with the stolen credit card. 

Rivers contacted the rental car company to clear up the fradulent use of his card, and the company gave him McCauley’s contact information that he used to complete the rental. Rivers then allegedly called McCauley and organized a fake “drug deal” at the Westfield Brandon Mall near Tampa. When McCauley arrived at the mall, Rivers called the police. McCauley fled, and Rivers pursued him. After apprehending McCauley in the mall parking lot, a fight broke out between the two. Rivers’ friends also became engaged in the altercation. 

Law enforcement officials arrived at the mall after receiving reports of a fight taking place, but they quickly confirmed that McCauley was in possession of Rivers’ stolen wallet and credit card. According to WTSP, Rivers and his friends had tied McCauley’s legs together with a belt in order to stop him from escaping. They also suspected that McCauley may have had a weapon, although that was not confirmed by police. 

McCauley was treated at Tampa General Hospital for injuries sustained during his fight with Rivers, and he was subsequently arrested for third-degree grand theft, fraudulent use of a credit card, criminal use of personal identification and battery. He was released from Hillsborough County jail on $8,000 bond.

Sources: WTSP, Tampa Bay Times / Photo Credit: WTSP


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