Fisherman Opens Up Fish, Surprised To See Something Staring Back At Him


A fisherman in Australia made a rare discovery when he opened the mouth of a fish he had caught and found a frog staring back at him. The green tree frog was alive and lodged in the throat of the jungle perch that the seasonsed angler, Angus James, had caught. 

According to Metro, James had planned to release the fish back into the water, so he was pulling the lure from its throat when he spotted the frog. 

“I was shocked,” said James, “I thought it might have been grass at first, then it blinked. I always carry a camera so I took the pic and then he jumped out.”

The photograph is amazing, especially considering the frog leaped over James’ shoulder and back into the water just moments later. James sent his photograph to Reptile Magazine, who published it via Facebook. 

The catch was made in north Queensland, the Daily Mail reports, about an hour north of Townsville.

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