Mom's Extreme Reaction To Allegedly Getting Cut Off (Video)

A dangerous case of road rage was caught on camera in Hawaii this week.

Ryan Arakaki, the man who filmed the incident, says the trouble started when he switched lanes and got in front of a mother in her minivan. The mother, Kimberly Ong, thought Arakaki cut her off and got really angry about it.

For the next several minutes, Ong tailgated Arakaki and honked relentlessly. She repeatedly pulled up next to him to slam her brakes and rev her engine. She screams out “f**k you!” and “a**hole” multiple times as her son sits in the passenger seat.

After getting in front of Arakaki’s car, Ong stops her vehicle and gets out. She walks up to his door and begins hurling insults at him. At one point, Ong tries to swat Arakaki’s phone out of his hand.

As Arakaki drives away, Ong resorts to middle school-style insults and calls him “fat boy” over and over again.

Here’s the footage. Be warned, it's full of profanity:

Arakaki filed a police complaint about the incident. His complaint has been categorized as a case of “unauthorized entry into a motor vehicle.”

When interviewed by KITV, Ong said she was “super, super angry” and thinks she could have picked better words to say to Arakaki. She said she doesn’t fully regret what she did.

Sources: Inquisitr, KITV


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