Man Saw His Dog Abused On Dog Day Care Webcam

Man Saw His Dog Abused On Dog Day Care Webcam Promo Image

An Ohio man said that he had to cut his vacation short after he saw his dog abused by a dog day care worker on the facility's webcam.

Mike LaSalvia said that he left his pitbull, Leo, with Tails R Waggin Doggie Daycare in Tallmadge, Ohio, while he was vacationing in Mexico, according to WGHP. He said he had left his dog with the facility numerous times in the past and never experienced any problems.

But he immediately ended his vacation on Dec. 15, when he checked the day care's webcam and saw a worker kick Leo twice and drag him by the collar across the floor.

"I haven't really slept since I saw the video," said LaSalvia, adding that he was in "total pain" after watching the video. He spent 48 hours in airports as he tried to get back to Ohio as quickly as possible.

Tails R Waggin has three franchise locations in the Akron, Ohio, area. Rebecca Brockmeyer, founder and owner of the company, said that the same person owned all three franchises in the area and has had their franchise agreement revoked as a result of the incident. 

"I am extremely sorry," said Brockmeyer. "Never in a million years did I think this would happen."

LaSalvia plans to file a police report against the woman seen abusing Leo in the video. 

Mike's sister, Nancy, has picked up Leo from the facility and is watching the dog until her brother returns home, according to KNXV. She said that the video shows a worker pin Leo's head to the ground, kick him, and finally drag him by the neck before kicking him again.

"It’s heartbreaking seeing a dog being treated like that. You take your dog to these places and you think they’re going to take care of them and keep them safe and then they’re the ones who are hurting your dog," she said.

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Nancy was also surprised that, when she arrived to pick up Leo, she received a take-home sheet about Leo's day saying that nothing of note happened.

"They gave me a paper stating that Leo had fun the whole time he was there. He had no timeouts. He had no problems with them. He was playing well with the other dogs," she said.

Although the day care told her that the employee in the video was fired, Nancy said that she saw that same worker still working at the facility. 

The Tails R Waggin website has been taken down as of Dec. 17.

"I conclude my statement with a plea to the public to not group this entire company and all its amazing staff members in with one incident that none of them had any involvement in or participated in," said Brockmeyer, according to WGHP. "We are working on a quick and effective resolution to ensure this never happens again at one of our facilities."

Sources: WGHP, KNXV / Featured Image: Canine to Five/Flickr / Embedded Images: Jessica Christe/Care2, Annette LaSalvia Katz/Facebook

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