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Man Catches 12-Pound, 70-Year-Old Creature On Coast Of California (Photo)

A 70-year-lobster was saved from becoming dinner after a biologist caught it while free diving off the coast of California.

Forrest Galante, 26, discovered the 12-pound Pacific spiny lobster near Anacapa Island on October 6, the Daily Mirror reports.

Galante named the crustacean Albert Girther and took his catch home to his family in Santa Barbara. He believes Albert is the largest lobster caught off the West Coast this year.

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(via Daily Mirror)

“They normally only manage to grow to around three pounds because of intensive fishing so it’s really rare to find one this old and big,” he told The Telegraph. “I won an award from my freediving club last year for bringing in a 9.4 pound lobster, so Albert has definitely surpassed that.”

After debating whether or not to eat the animal, Galante and his family decided to release him into the water so he could continue to breed.

“We took him to the Ty Warner Sea Centre where he was put in a tank and gorged on food but we were not going to leave him in captivity,” Galante said. “We put him back into the water in a marine reserve off the coast of California which does not allow fishing, so he can live out the rest of his days in peace.”

A similar catch was made back in 2009, but this time the lobster was from the East Coast.

Oceana, a restaurant in Manhattan, bought Peter the 11-pound crustacean after diners requested lobsters larger than the 1.5-pound, 3.5-pound and 5-pound varieties on the menu, the New York Daily News reports.

But the restaurant staff decided not to charge $275 to cook the 70-year-old lobster.

Sources: Daily MirrorThe TelegraphNew York Daily News / Photo Credit: Daily Mirror, Barcroft


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