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Man Carries Loaded Assault Rifle Into Atlanta Airport (Video)

Jim Cooley recently carried a loaded AR-15 assault rifle inside Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport in Atlanta, Georgia.

Cooley and his wife were taking their daughter to her flight.

He filmed a video (below) of himself questioned by a fire marshal entitled, "Atlanta fire marshal doesn't know it's legal to carry an AR-15 in the airport."

In the video, the fire marshal politely asks Cooley if he has a permit for the gun, but Cooley tells him that he's not allowed to ask him that question, and adds, "Don't you know the law?"

Cooley then claims a state law, HB-60, doesn't allow the fire marshal to ask him for I.D., but the fire marshal never made that request.

CNN reported that House Bill 60, which became law in the state in 2014, allows people to take guns into some parts of airports, but makes no mention of restricting free speech by fire marshals or anyone else.

Cooley told Channel 2 Action News that he wasn't breaking any Georgia gun laws by carrying his weapon in unsecured areas of the airport.

"You never know where something might happen," Cooley stated.

However, Cooley didn't define "something."

Cooley told 11 Alive that he was stopped several times by police officers who questioned him about is weapon.

Cooley claims he was also followed out of the airport by some officers.

“If you don’t exercise your rights, the government doesn’t have any hesitation taking them away," Cooley told Channel 2 Action News.

Cooley made no mention of his "rights" being taken away in all areas past TSA checkpoints where guns are not allowed.

Sources: Channel 2 Action News, 11 Alive, CNN
Image Credit: Channel 2 Action News


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